LOOP GEAR SK03 Flashlight is live on Kickstarter

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LOOP GEAR SK03 Flashlight is live on Kickstarter


LOOP GEAR SK03 is designed to be your everydaycarry flashlight, also called EDC Flashlight.

SK03 is similar to its brothers SK01s LEP and SK01s LED, different from everything else, let's see how this light different from others.


Main features of SK03:

The 360° Side Light Matrix

There are 18 High CRI LEDs in the side light matrix, embedded around the body of SK03, allow you to see it from any direction when the light is on. There are 3 output selections for side light matrix, Low, High, Beacon and Micro Light mode. The max runtime of SK03 on Micro Light mode is 2 years, equals to 17520 hours. The Micro Light mode is controlled individually, so you can turn it on or off according to you demand.



1000 Lumens max output, 120 meters beam distance

Utilized high performance LED emitter(according to the KS page, we will use CREE XP-G4 LED, you will see further information if any update here), powered by the included high drain 14500 battery, it punchs out as high as 1000 lumen. Thanks to mix concept TIR and Fresnel lens, it provides you a broad beam angle and reachs as far as 120 meters.



Rechargeable 14500 high drain battery, compatible with AA batteries.

The included 14500 battery is very high quality, with over charging over discharging protection, short circuit protection and wrong battery installation protection, with built-in TYPE C charging port, you can charge it with included cable, no need to buy extra battery charger, it will takes you about 1.3 hour to fully charge the flashlight, indication on the positive pole will show red to indicate charging, and blue to indicate charging finished.

SK03 can be powered by either with 14500 battery but also common AA batteries, when included battery is charging, you can load AA battery and ready to go.



Key Size

Thanks to the new technology, such powerful and multi-functional flashlight, the size is shorter than a lighter.

Length: 76.5mm

Weight without battery: 

AL: 51g        SS:72g       Ti:49g


Sensory hand feel

Something you can not feel from the photos and videos is the hand feel, I have used coutless AA flashlights, but nothing like SK03, large and flat metal padding, with vigor bounce back everytime you press, words become so pale here, so I will let you try and tell the difference.



Robust and reliable

Flashlight like this suppose to be fragile, but that is not the case of SK03. SK03 survived in the IP65 test, and drop test. IP65 means that you don't need to worry even when use it during heavy rain weather. From the video on KS page, our colleague throw the flashlight into air, the height is rediculars, but the light still works well after the drop, so no need to worry about causal drops.


Fidgety Tool Kit 

Beside the dual way clip, you can choose to have extra clip-like holder, with a hidden tool kit on the side ready for action anytime. What you need to do is to rotate the safety lock, and push the tool out, now you can see it is a blade with bottle opener on the back, we may offer more options, like pry bar, and other useful tools.

The smooth sliding motion of the blade,  and the rotate motion of the safety lock, coupled with satisfying clear tactile feedback, very fidgety.


All Direction Stepless Adjustable Magnetic Holder

The tool kit is also a holder, it can open wide steplessly without collapse, with the magnetic base, you can rotate the base 360°, thus it could work like All Direction holder.




Consist of 57 parts

57 parts total, that quite rare in a AA flashlight, it is complicated, but every parts is well thought and joined together, every parts together to satisfy your demand in your daily life.



Parameters of SK03:


 Operation of SK03

SK03 has a very clear operation guide, easy to remember and operate.

 Now SK03 is now taking pre-order, if you like it, reserve one for you now.

 Kickstarter entrance page of LOOP GEAR SK03 Flashlight


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